Upgrade Your Operating System!

I listened to Cynthia Bourgeault discuss nondual thinking in her audio tape, Encountering the Wisdom Jesus.

Cynthia mentions that there is no small self.

It is a mirage.

That is not who I am.

And yet I continue to think I need to be in my small self.

I often live from its egoic operating system.

My ability to reflect often gets coopted by the ego and perpetuates more binary either/or thinking.

To move beyond my inherent attachment to ego-based thoughts is no small order.

It takes years, usually decades.

But it is possible.

Jesus says that we can upgrade our operating system—and when we do, life can get a whole lot better as we gradually move toward a nondual operating system.

In this system, we drop the mind into the heart.

The heart picks up reality in a deeper way.

It picks up reality by intuition.

The heart has a sense of unity.

The field is not divided.

There is harmony.

There is no separation.

It is a whole new way of seeing.

It is a nondual state.

Read more in Sitting with God.


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