There Is Enough For Everyone!

The incarnation of Christ is proof of unity.

The eternal and the finite came together in Jesus.

In each one of us as well the eternal and the finite come together.

Often, though, we just do not let the two meet.

Our inner divinity and our humanity are one.

That is who we are.

They both need each other.

Our humanity is an expression of our inner divinity.

We are all at different stages.

Some of us think we are only human and identify mostly with the messes in our lives.

Some of us are at the other extreme.

We think we are divine and emphasize how blessed we are.

We think we are better than others and compete with others to prove it.

Instead, the two need to be in balance.

When we let our inner divinity and our humanity meet, we realize that we are in life together with everyone else—that everyone is blessed and everyone has messes.

We realize that we don’t need to waste so much energy on competition.

We need to express our unique inner divinity, creativity, compassion.

We are all interrelated.

We are not separate, and there is no separation between God and humans, aside from the divide we create in our minds.

There is no separation between humans and humans either, aside from the divide in our minds.

We are all in this interdependent life together.

There is enough for everyone.

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We practice Centering Prayer because God is the center of our life. Nothing is more important than our love for God. Our life springs forth from God within. When we let go and open to the presence and actions of God within our life unfolds exactly as it should. If you are interested in exploring centering prayer reach out to me regarding my one on one offerings.

I am taking a second run through this powerful audio: Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic by Adyashanti. “It’s important for us to realize that we must not only have the courage to recognize the divinity within ourselves, but also to embody it and manifest it in the way we live.”

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