Who We Truly Are Is in Front of Us!

At work, I was an individual contributor for the first ten years.

This meant I had assigned duties with no one reporting to me directly.

I came in and performed my assigned tasks.

After ten years, I ventured into managing people for another ten years.

I enjoyed this experience.

I wanted to help co-workers see the potential I saw in them, and I enjoyed pushing people to do things they did not know they could achieve.

I liked to help people, but I began to feel bored and unfulfilled.

I felt that I had stopped my growth.

I am now an individual contributor again and have been so the last eight years.

I no longer have anyone who reports to me directly.

I feel much better.

This is who I am.

It is always who I was.

I needed to be a people manager to realize who I always was.

This is just one example.

We have all taken long journeys only to discover what we wanted, who we truly are, is in front of us.

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