He is at once both human and Divine: Jesus

Not only is Jesus human; He is also Divine.

However, we need to qualify this.

What part of Jesus is Divine?

What part of Jesus is human?

This question cannot be answered.

Jesus is both.

To state that Jesus is only human diminishes who He is.

To state that Jesus is only God equally diminishes who He is.

He is at once both human and Divine.

Let me also explain what I mean by Divine.

Jesus is not merely a divine being.

Jesus is God in the flesh.

Jesus is the manifestation of God in human form.

Or as Brian Zahnd likes to say, “Jesus is what God has to say.”

We do not need to understand this.

Our human minds want to put Jesus in one category.

Jesus is human, end of story.

Jesus is God, end of story.

Yet, when it comes to Jesus, reductionist either/or binaries won’t do.

I suggest that we let Jesus be both—and open to the mystery.

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