Root Your Actions in Love!

Within you is power and love (Psalm 62:11–12).

Within each one of us are powerful strengths, abilities, and skills.

Some of us are blessed with gifts of writing, teaching, listening, drawing, painting.

Others are blessed with gifts of speaking, leading, analyzing, organizing, patience.

Once we discover our sometimes hidden gifts, we must act!

However, we must temper the power of our actions with love.

The two work together.

Power without love is selfish.

Our power is best used when rooted in love.

Actions rooted in love are powerful!

Saint Paul’s sole intention was to build up the early churches.

He had no idea that his writings would outlive him for thousands of years and become canonized in the New Testament.

His motivation was to love the early churches in Christ’s name.

This love galvanized early Christianity.

The love at the root of Paul’s actions was what made them so powerful and transformative for generations to come.

When the gifts God has given us are rooted in love, they can move mountains.

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SEEING WITH THE EYES OF THE HEART: Living the Wisdom of the Jesus Story

Adyashanti, Cynthia Bourgeault

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