Centering Prayer Teaches Me How to Live in the World

Daily, I sit with God in Christ.

Daily the Word is revealed to me.

Daily, I rest in silent prayer and let the Jesus Paradox penetrate deep within my soul.

I let it teach me how to live.

Centering prayer teaches me how to rest in the mystery of the Jesus Paradox: the Divinity and humanity of Jesus.

I learn how to connect with God, to rest in God’s loving arms.

I begin to trust and let God act in me.

I learn how to be human, how to live in the world.

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Enjoy a talk I gave at a Centering Prayer Summit in January 2022 titled: Discover Your True Self Through Centering Prayer.

Are you a pastor or church leader looking to teach your congregation about Centering Prayer, a form of silent prayer based on Matthew 6:6? Let me help. Invite me to speak to your church via zoom. Contact me to setup and learn more.

I am currently reading Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense by N. T. Wright.

I am currently listening to Great Themes of Paul: Life as Participation by Richard Rohr.

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