Centering Prayer: A Path to Abundance

Centering prayer is the path of abundance I have chosen that embraces the mystery of Jesus’ dynamic unity.

There are other silent prayer practices, besides centering prayer, and I encourage you to find one that is life-giving to you—but I will continue to practice centering prayer and share it with others.

I will not say this is the only way.

I will encourage others to try it and see what happens.

Centering prayer has been so life-giving to me that I cannot help but pass it on.

As Basil Pennington wrote:

“If we experience in our own selves the need, the value, and the joy of being in touch with the contemplative dimension of our lives, then is it not incumbent upon us to seek to make this possible for others? Freely have your received, freely must you give.”

I sit with Jesus so I can walk with Jesus!

I hope to share the journey with you.

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If you are interested in exploring centering prayer, reach out to me regarding my one on one offerings. 

“Contemplative Prayer is the world in which God can do anything. To move into that realm is the greatest adventure. It is to be open to the Infinite and hence to infinite possibilities.”

Thomas Keating

CENTERING PRAYER COURSE: A Training Course for Opening to the Presence of God

Father Carl Arico, Father Thomas Keating, Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler

In-depth training in the Christian contemplative path of prayer—a self guided course.


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