Are Your Expectations of People Too High?

Are my expectations of people too high?

Are your expectations of people too high?

Perhaps I expect more than they currently can give.

I am loved by God.

That is all I need.

When I connect to God, I learn how to love and how to serve.

I learn how to accept people where they are at.

My job is to get up from my sit and love and serve others.

That is it.

I need a strong base.

My base grows stronger and stronger as I water it with the silence of Centering Prayer.

My sits give me what I need.

(God is the one who gives me what I need.)

These sits show me the way forward.

They teach me how to surrender, trust and rely on God.



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2 thoughts on “Are Your Expectations of People Too High?”

  1. Yes, my expectations of people are probably too high. Especially my expectations of Catholics
    I expect them to act on Catholic values not on current woke values
    I expect them to despise abortion and not vote for people who promote abortion
    I expect Catholics to have some sense of logic and ethics and act on them
    I expect them to enter into a debate without personal attacks
    I expect them to have some knowledge of the Gospels from having heard them read Sunday after Sunday all their lives
    Yes, I expect Catholics to behave differently from atheists

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