Life Is Now!

Life is now.

It moves fast.

You blink and 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years has passed.

Centering Prayer teaches me that life is now.

Centering Prayer teaches me to live in the present.

(God is the One who teaches me this.)

That is where Life is.

That is where God is.

I need to let go of worry and anxiety and live now.

This let go posture we take in Centering Prayer is meant to come with us into our everyday life.

Enjoy now.

Relish now.

Accept the moment for what it brings me with its ups and downs, challenges and all.

This also means put my cell phone down.

Shut it off.

Be fully present to what I do this moment.

Do what the present moment requires of me.

Immerse myself in the now.


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