How Can Journaling Help You?

In my May 2 meditation, I mentioned a new daily journaling routine that begins after my morning centering prayer sit.

I thought I would further share.

Here are some things I jotted down in one of my sessions.

-There is nothing at work I cannot handle.

-I can figure out all tasks.

-I am current in all emails.

-My inbox is small and manageable.

-My daily tasks are under control.

-I am writing my next book.

-I am exercising and keeping my weight down.

-I spend time with family and friends.

-I continue to learn more about Jesus by reading and listening to Richard Rohr and N T Wright.

-I will find another amazing scholar like N. T. Wright.

-There is nothing I cannot accomplish.

-I attract amazing and exciting opportunities.

There is nothing off the table as I journal.

This is my time to move my thoughts and feelings from head to the screen.

I can jot down whatever I want!

Give journaling a try.

Let me know how it goes.

You might find the Monk Manual helpful as part of this process.


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