Prayer Bracelet

I often practice the Jesus Prayer during the day. I have found it is a very powerful practice.

Here is how I use it.

I shorten the prayer to, “Jesus, son of God, have mercy on ________.” In the blank I fill in a person’s name or situation that I pray for. I like to perform this prayer with a prayer rope or prayer bracelet as I move from knot to knot with my index finger and thumb.

Another way I use the Jesus Prayer is as follows. I shorten it to the word: Jesus. When I am anxious or worried, I recite:

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”

This simple practice never ceases to calm me down, bring me back to the present and allows me to move forward. I encourage you to give it a try too.

The prayer rope and prayer bracelets I use in my practice are from Prayer Bracelet.

Here are two videos you might enjoy that I created on the Jesus Prayer: How I Use My Prayer Rope and How I Use the Jesus Prayer.

If you are interested in exploring the Jesus Prayer reach out to me regarding my one on one offerings.

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