You Are Resilient!

You are resilient.

You are powerful.

You have more gas in the tank then you realize.

There is nothing you cannot do or learn.

My centering prayer sits continue to teach me this.

They can teach you this too.

I sit with God.

I open to the powerful presence and the powerful actions of God within.

I get up from my sits and partner with God as I move through the day.

And off I go!


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“You may already be familiar with the benefits of meditation in terms of relieving stress or relaxing the mind or the body, but its real value in terms of wisdom is to transform the way you think.”

ENCOUNTERING THE WISDOM JESUSQuickening the Kingdom of Heaven Within

Cynthia Bourgeault

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2 thoughts on “You Are Resilient!”

  1. I’ve been centering for about 5 years with a small group at All Saints Episcopal Church, Winter Park, Fl
    We always start in semi-darkness in the church with soft religious music and candles. We pray silently for 20 minutes, then go to a meeting room and discuss books from Keating, Nouwen, Rohr, Bourgalt, saints, etc

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