Ten Things That Silence Has Taught Me

The silence of Centering Prayer is my time to open to the presence and actions of God within.

I let God teach me.

What has God taught me?

I learn how to TRUST God as I move through life.

I better understand when to be PATIENT and when to TAKE ACTION.

I WATCH and hone-in-on the present moment and what it requires of me.

I ASK questions when I need help and clarity.

I take the time to REST, to nourish my body, soul and mind.

When I am worried, anxious or fearful, I pause to remember that I am NEVER ALONE. God is always with me.

I ENCOURAGE others. Sometimes that is all others need.

I am here to SERVE. We all need the help and support of others as we move through life.


That is why I return to my silent sits each day and let God teach me.

Silence is God’s classroom.

Silence teaches me who I am.


I am bored with my life. I am not doing the things that I want to do in all areas of my life. I feel unfulfilled, like I am just going through the motions every day. I have dreams and goals, but I am afraid to take action on them. I don’t want years to pass and be disappointed when I look back on my life. Does any of this sound like you? Reach out to me regarding my one on one offerings.

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“When we consent, we are giving the Spirit permission to do whatever needs to be done.” 

Fr. Carl Arico 


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Father Carl Arico, Father Thomas Keating, Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler

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