What Are Your Long-Term True Self Goals?

In chapter 8, I discuss, Who is my true self?

Centering Prayer is vital to this process. It is important to connect to our true self on a daily basis and then live from this person.

We need not only short-term true self goals but long-term true self goals.

Too often we forget about our long-term true self goals.

What are your long-term true self goals?

Lose weight

Improve your health

Write a book

Exercise daily

Start a blog

Travel once per year

Volunteer once per month

Change careers

Advance in your current career

Build and grow your relationships with family and friends

Save for retirement



Sit with God twice a day for the rest of your life

Fill in the _________

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“Merton leads us along the journey to God in which the self that begins the journey is not the self that arrives. The self that begins is the self that we thought ourselves to be. It is this self that dies along the way until in the end “no one” is left. This “no one” is our true self.”


The Essential Guide to the Contemplative Teachings of Thomas Merton

James Finley

Enter the mind and heart of a legend of contemplative Christianity.


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