Who Is Your Future Self?

Who is your future self?

I find this person in my centering prayer sits.

How do I find this person?

During my silent sits, I let go and open to the presence and actions of God within.

I trust God.

I let God pray in me.

What does God pray in me?

God prays in me my future actions: my future self.

I then get up and go.

I trust my inner nudges.

I journal these nudges and turn them into affirmations and goals.

How do I know these inner nudges are from God?

If I have an inner peace and excitement about them, I trust they are from God.

If they do not harm me and others, I trust they are from God.

If they move me out of my comfort zone, I trust they are from God.

Gods wants me to learn, explore and do new things.

I recite these inner nudges to God before each centering prayer sit.

I let them brew with God while I sit.

I partner with God on my future self.

Who is your future self?


Centering Prayer reveals our future self. If you have not read my book, Sitting with God, check it out here.

Who is your future self? Do you set goals and take daily action? Do you move out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself? What is the one thing you want to do but up to this point have refused and procrastinated to take any action. Reach out to me regarding my one on one offerings. I help people discover their future self and take massive action.


“In order to come into our full potential and to embody the truth and radiance of what we are, we must come vitally alive; we must lean once again into presence; we must pour ourselves forth into life, instead of trying to escape life and avoid its challenges.”

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What do you really want? Don’t think about what somebody else wants for you. Don’t think about what you think is possible for you. Dig into your heart. If anything were possible, what do you want? How do you want to live your life? What do you want to accomplish?

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