The Incarnation: Divine Energy Comes to Birth in You!

I read this in a recent daily Gospel reflection by Bishop Robert Baron.

“The beautifully organic images that John presents are meant, it seems to me, to communicate the life-changing power of the Incarnation: the Logos became flesh, our flesh, so that we might allow the divine energy to come to birth in us.”

This is what happens during Centering Prayer.

Divine energy comes to birth in me.

Divine energy comes to birth in you.

I plug into this Divine energy each time I sit in the silence of Centering Prayer.

I consider my silent sit a sit with Jesus.

I sit with Jesus and then get up and walk with Jesus.

Jesus is my partner in life.

Together we co-create.

I need this Divine energy.

It heals and nourishes me.

It prunes me so I bear fruit.

It shows me my next steps.

It teaches me how to live and enjoy life.


I help people discover their future self and then take massive action to live from this person. Centering Prayer, Journaling, Affirmations and Gratitude are all vital to this process. Reach out to me to regarding my one on one offerings.

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“The whole Jesus story is the story of embodied spirit, of what it means and what it looks like to embody and act from divine being.”

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