Some Saturday Morning Thoughts

I love to just jot down my thoughts.

Here are some from a past Saturday.

Jesus is Lord of my life.

Centering Prayer is vital to this process.

I sit with Jesus so I can walk with Jesus.

I let Jesus fill me with His power and glory.

I want to radiate the power of Jesus in my life.

At any moment I can utter the word Jesus and reconnect to the power of Jesus to heal me, refresh me, ground me, center me, show me the way forward.

What does it mean to radiate his power?

It means many, many things.

I help and serve others.

I love and accept others.

I am fully present with people.

I listen, encourage and help others.

My actions are motivated by love.

I worship God.

My body is the temple of God.

I must love my body, my mind, my heart and protect them.

I must remain connected to God so my actions reflect God.

I am an image bearer of God.

I trust God which means I move out of my comfort zone and try and do new things.

I live from my true self and help others to do the same.

Enough for now.


The Monk Manual is a great tool to help you jot down your thoughts and reflect on the day.

If you want to explore your thoughts, reach out to me regarding my one on one offerings.

Enjoy my newest video: What are the layers of thoughts during centering prayer?

I use the Audible program.  I love to listen to books while I walk, excercise, wash dishes or drive in the car. I frequently listen and read the same books. I particularly like when the author is the narrator of the book.

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