Do You Show Up as Your God-Given Self?

I cannot imagine a sadder way to die than with the sense that I never showed up here on earth as my God-given self.

-Parker Palmer

Centering Prayer is vital to this process for me.

I start each day with a silent sit.

I cannot imagine a better start to each day than a silent sit.

This is non-negotiable.

During this time, I connect to my God-given self.

I then get up and partner with God as I move through the day.

I act from my true self: the person God wishes me to be.

In the early afternoon, my interior reserves begin to run low.

I take a second silent sit with God.

Again, this sit is non-negotiable.

I need these sits.

I reconnect to my God-given self.

I sit with God because I love and trust God.

I let God pray in me my true self actions.

Do you live from your God-given self?

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Enjoy the talk Brian and I gave at the October 15 Centering Prayer gathering. We discussed how Centering Prayer helps you discover your true self.

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