What Are Your Short-Term and Long-Term Goals?

Who is your true self?

It is the person God wants you to be today.

It is the actions you can perform now.

It is when you do what the present moment requires of you.

Who is your future self?

It is a long-term goal that requires daily action.

I want to write a book.

I want to be a public speaker.

I want to lose 10 pounds.

I want to create a long-term sustainable centering prayer practice. (I had to say this one:)

I want to change careers.

I want to fill in the ___________.

I love the combination of centering prayer and journaling!

During centering prayer God prays in me both the actions I need to take today and the inner nudges to explore a long-term future self-goal.

Outside of centering prayer I like to write in my journal.

I reflect upon the actions God has prayed in me.

I jot down actions God wants me to take today.

I also jot down long-term future self-goals that God nudges me to begin.

Let me share a few actions in both categories.

Today’s actions: Encourage my children, go to gym every other day, do Facebook lives

Long term future self-goals: Publish second book, create group coaching program

What actions both short term and long term has God prayed in you?


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