Do You Take Action on Your True Self?

It is not enough to connect to our true self during centering prayer.

We must take action on our true self!

Our true self is the person we want to be and the actions we want to take but fear stops us.

Each day take one action.

You do not need to know all the steps.

You only need to know the next step.

As you move forward the path will become clearer.

Clarity comes with action.

If you take no action, what happens?


Movement from your true self involves discomfort.

If you are not uncomfortable you are not acting from your true self.

It means stretch yourself and move out of your comfort zone.

This is how you grow and gain confidence.

Before I wrote my first book, Sitting with God, this idea seemed daunting.

Now I am taking the time to write my second book, 500-1000 words at a time.

Public speaking scared the heck out of me.

I practiced by going live on Facebook.

I moved into podcasts.

I have been interviewed on over 100 podcasts.

I was invited to speak to various groups.

I have spoken to groups from 5 to 400 in size.

My confidence skyrocketed!

Who is your true self?

More importantly, do you take daily action on this person?


P.S. Reach out if you are ready to explore who is your true self and more importantly you want to take massive action on this person. I have worked with more than 50 people over the last few years.


Centering prayer has been vital to discovering my true self. Here is a terrific centering prayer course that you can take at your own pace.

Journaling is a powerful practice to help you reflect upon who is your true self and the actions you will want to take. The Monk Manual is a great tool for this practice.

I enjoy the work over at the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Here is a course you may want to check out to help you discipline yourself to live from your true self.


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