How to Set Up Your Day for Success!

Work is very busy.

My to do list is long and grows  

How do I ensure I focus on the tasks that need to get done each day?

Journaling and Centering Prayer!

When I awake in the morning the first thing I do is journal and center.

I use journaling to motivate myself.

I journal the tasks that I need to focus on today.

I tell myself I got this.

I will figure it out.

I will get it done.

Then I take my silent sit.

I let it go to God.

I trust God.

I allow God to nourish me with what I need.

I get up from my sit, turn on my work computer and make French Press coffee for my wife and me.

And begin my day.

This routine works!

I encourage you to give it a try too.

Let me know how it goes.


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