Receive the Maximum Divine Light, Life, Love and Happiness

What does it mean that God is within me?

It means all I need is within.

I do not need to go outside to find it.

Within me is:


Inner peace








My True Self

My Future Self

Amazing Dreams and Goals

I am connected to God who loves me.

Let me say that again.

I am connected to God who loves me.

God wants to bless me with what is best for me.

Thomas Keating reminded us:

“The heart of the Christian spiritual journey is God’s determined will to transmit to us the maximum of divine light, life, love and happiness that we can possibly receive.”

Read this multiple times.

Let it sink in.

Do you believe this?


Check out my reviews of Thomas Keating’s Manifesting God and Intimacy with God.

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Additional Bonuses 

An Interfaith Advent

Breaking Jesus out of the Box

Explore Advent and the coming of Jesus from the perspectives of:

  • Contemplative Christianity
  • Sufism
  • Judaism and
  • Buddhism

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