Random Musings

Random musings…..

You are resilient.

You are powerful.

I can’t handle this becomes I can handle this.

Take action.


Bust through your comfort zone.

Keep breaking through your comfort zone.

Two people working together have amazing synergy. One plus one is greater than two.

Share your gifts with the world.

Do not live life afraid.

You are meant to do great things.

Live from your true self each day.

Take the next step. Clarity comes with action. You do not need to know all the steps. Just the next step.

Do one more thing.

Let go of negative emotions.

Hone in on the present moment and what it requires of you.

Journal your thoughts, emotions, dreams and goals.

Don’t say I want to write a book. Start! Write 500 words per day.

Find someone who is a few steps ahead of you and learn from them.

Teach someone who is a few steps behind you.

You need the balance of inner work and outer work.

20-40 minutes of silent, inner work per day will drive your outer work!


If you have read Sitting with God and enjoyed it, share it with a friend.

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Through daily reflection, we gain insight and clarity about what really deserves our time and attention which in turn enables real progress to take place.

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