I Feel Like I Am Failing at Centering Prayer!

“I feel like I am failing at centering prayer.”

Did you show up?


Then you are not failing.

Did you use your sacred word when you engaged your thoughts?


Congratulations, you are doing it correctly.

“What do you mean by engaging your thoughts?”

Here are some examples:

You continue to think about a disagreement you had with a friend while you practice centering prayer.

You continue to plan your to do list for the rest of the day during your sit.

You continue to daydream about your upcoming vacation during your sit.

“I used my sacred word multiple times.”

Great! Multiple times you continued to open to the presence and actions of God within.

“I missed my centering prayer sit today.”

“Now what do I do?”

Forgive yourself.

Show up tomorrow.

Use your sacred word when you engage your thoughts.

It is impossible to fail at centering prayer.

Over time these sits have a way of healing and transforming you.

You let go of who you are not and become who you are.


The person God wants you to be.

The actions God wants you to take today.

Center Prayer is powerful.

It connects us to Infinite Wisdom: God.

When this happens, amazing things begin to happen.


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