How to Discover Your Future Self

Centering Prayer is my daily mainstay!

I practice it two to three times per day.

I need this time with God.

Silence teaches me who I am and the actions I need to take.

Centering Prayer (God) helps me discover my future self and take action on this person.

As part of my Centering Prayer practice, I utilize Visualization.

Let me share how I combine the two.

As I settle into the silence of Centering Prayer, I first practice Visualization for a minute or two.

Interiorly I imagine the tasks I will get done today.

I imagine the accomplishment of long-term goals.

I feel what it is like as if they are completed.

I then let go of all my short term and long-term goals and begin my sit.

I let them go to God.

I let them brew with God.

I let God pray in me the actions I will need to take.

Often God tweaks my goals, adds a new one or removes one.

That is perfectly fine.

I need God’s input.

I then get up from my sit and partner with God as I move through the day.


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If you are interested in further exploring centering prayer, journaling, affirmations, visualization and gratitude as a way of deepening your relationship with God and discovering and living from your future self, reach out to me regarding my one-on-one offerings.

I am currently reading The Cloud of Unknowing: With the Book of Privy Counsel by Carmen Acevedo Butcher (Translator)

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