Centering Prayer: Believe and Experience the Unseen

Centering Prayer (God) teaches us to believe and experience the unseen.

During Centering Prayer, we let go and open to the presence and actions of God within.

We say, “Here I am God. I trust you.”

God prays in us what God knows we uniquely need.

Good plants the seeds and waits for us to water and let them flourish.

It might be peace, calm, joy, hope, confidence or wisdom.

It might be a nudge to make a major change in your life: move to another state, get married, adopt a child, begin a relationship, change careers, look for a new job, lose weight, exercise, mend a broken relationship, write a book, start a blog, create a self-employed stream of income.

If we do not let go and trust God, the unseen will not become visible.

God seems to gently nudge us and patiently wait.

I think of it as we sit with God and then we get up and partner with God as we move through the day.

It is up to us to trust God and react to these inner nudges.

That is why we return to our daily sits.

These sits nourish our souls.

They teach us when to be patient and when to take action.

Silence teaches us who we are and the actions we are to take.

Silence teaches us how to live.

Silence is God’s classroom.

It shows us the next step and the way forward!


Enjoy my newest video: Why do we sit with God?

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