Is Centering Prayer Just Meditation?

Is centering prayer just meditation?


It is much more!

Centering prayer is both meditation and a practice that deepens our relationship with God.

During centering prayer, we open to the presence and actions of God within.

We do not pray.

We let God pray while we rest.

I think of it as a reverse prayer.

God prays in us what God knows we need.

There is a lot more that goes on when we practice centering prayer.

We remove the obstacles between God and us.

God performs Divine Therapy.

What do I mean by this?

The tension in our body is released.

We let go of painful thoughts.

Repressed, painful, emotions emerge and flow out of us.

The emotional baggage and stress of a lifetime is released from our bodies and minds.

It is true freedom!

God does not want us to live this way.

God loves us!

What we thought of as our normal state no longer has its grips on us.

The trauma state we thought of as normal begins to dissipate and our true self emerges.

Our true self is the person God wants us to be and the actions we are to take.

We embark on an amazing journey.

We begin to do and accomplish new things we never thought possible.

Many of these things were never even on our radar screen.

We become more and more aware of our oneness with God.

We connect to the infinite wisdom and infinite resources of God.

We move forward with confidence because God is our partner in life.


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