Where Do You Find the Presence of God?

When we practice centering prayer, we open to the presence and actions of God within.

We connect to the infinite wisdom and infinite resources of God.

We are bathed in the love and compassion of God.

We welcome the inner peace, stillness and calm that God provides.

As we move through the day, we find God in the sounds we hear. 

God is present in the traffic jams, honking cars, lines at the grocery store, phone calls and appointments we attend to today.

God blesses us with the warmth of the sun rays, raindrops that hit the tops of our heads and the gentle breeze we feel on the back of our necks.

God is in the emails and mundane tasks of our day.

God is in the pots and pans, our cooking, dishwashing, and sweeping.

When we walk at night, the soil beneath our feet, the bright stars, the dark blue sky and sounds of the night come alive and reveal the glory of God’s beautiful creation.

As we fall asleep, we rest in the arms of God before we prepare for another day.


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2 thoughts on “Where Do You Find the Presence of God?”

  1. As always, your reading is beautiful and a perfect start to my day. I often share your readings with my Centering Prayer group. I often hear that they were the words they needed to hear that day. Thank you.

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