Centering Prayer and the Healing of the Unconscious: Murchadh O’Madagain

“What is happening, in fact, is that the obstacles within us to divine union are being removed and we are coming closer, in a manner of speaking, to the presence of God within us.”

“The dual period of meditation in the morning and evening is meant to help us remain in the peace of God’s presence throughout the day.”

Two very important points from Centering Prayer and The Healing of The Unconscious by Fr. Murdach O’Madagain. (You can check out this book here and over on my Resource page.)

Let me elaborate a little bit on both.

When we remove the obstacles between God and us, we get closer and closer to our true self.

Our true self is the person God wants us to be and the actions God wants us to take.

This person is often outside of our comfort zone.

As we let go of fear, anxiety, worry, lack of confidence, our true self comes out to play and expresses itself in our outer world.

As we become more and more aware of our oneness with God, we begin to do and accomplish amazing things.

Let’s move on to the second point.

We need more than one period of silence during the day.

This helps us stay connected to God.

Our interior reservoir runs dry and needs a recharge or reset.

I like to sit at least two times per day.

My first sit is first thing in the morning before I start my day.

I need this sit.

It prepares me for the day.

I take a second sit in the early afternoon.

This is my reset and recharge button.

I am always amazed when I look back at my day at how productive I was.

It was because I stopped and took my second sit.

I hope you found this helpful.

You can check out this book here and over on my Resource page.


Enjoy the talk Brian and I gave at the gathering this past Saturday: Insights from the Cloud of Unknowing.

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