Let Go and Let God!

Let go and let God.

What does that mean?

Go within.

Trust the inner wisdom and inner resources.

Don’t block and fight this flow.

Let the Spirit act through you.

It does not mean you take no action.

It means your actions are infused and ignited by the Spirit within.

When you become more and more aware of your oneness with God, you let go and let God.

When you act on your own, you no longer let go and let God.

We let go and let God during centering prayer.

We let go of engaged thoughts.

We open to the presence and actions of God within.

We let God pray in us.

We can take this let go and let God posture into our everyday life and actions.

We practice centering prayer one, two or even three times per day because it helps us let go and let God during our non-centering times.


When we let go and let God, we open up to a whole new world. We begin to do and experience new adventures.  Reach out to me regarding my one-on-one offerings if you want to explore letting go and letting God.

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I am currently reading Open Mind, Open Heart, 20th Anniversary Edition by Thomas Keating.

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