What Happens When We Surrender to God?

“Centering prayer is the surrender of one’s whole being to God.”

I am taking another run through Open Mind, Open Heart by Thomas Keating.

I am reminded that during centering prayer I surrender.

It does not mean I give up on life.

I don’t throw my arms up in the air and say I quit.

It means I open to life.

I let go and open to the Great Mystery!

I bring all of me: mind, heart, body to my centering prayer sit.

I surrender to my way of thinking and doing.

I let my small mind merge with the Larger Mind.

I become aware of my oneness with God.

I connect to my true self: the person God wants me to become.

I let the Spirit infuse and energize my daily actions.

I trust God.

I partner with God as I move through the day.

I take action on my true self.

Even if my true self scares the heck out of me and is way outside of my comfort zone, I move forward in trust.

I begin to do, accomplish, experience things I never before thought possible.

I want to help and better serve others.

It is when I surrender that I learn how to live.


Enjoy the talk Brian and I gave at the May 13th Centering Prayer gathering: Practicing God’s Presence After Centering Prayer.

Reach out if you want to learn more about working with me in a one-on-one coaching relationship. Here are some things I have worked on with existing and former clients: develop and deepen your relationship with God, establish a long-term centering prayer practice, go deeper in your existing practice, discover your true self and begin to take action on this person, get out of your comfort zone and begin to do and accomplish things you never thought possible.

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