What Happens When You Detach from the Outcome?

Centering Prayer helps us detach from the outcome.

We let go of what we want or think we need.

We let go of what we believe we need to do.

We no longer expect things to go a certain way.

We open to the present moment and do what it requires from us.

It does not mean we have no goals or things we wish to accomplish.

It means we trust God.

We open to Spirit.

We let Spirit act through us.

We let Spirit flow through us.

We remove the pressure to get it done.

The pressure we put on ourselves is a barrier to the Spirit’s flow.

We are lighter and freer.

We enjoy the process.

We have fun with the next steps.

It all becomes more effortless.

This helps me in many ways.

For example, when I give a talk, I let go of the idea that it must be perfect.

When I speak to a client at work, I better listen so the next steps can be properly discerned.

I trust my Inner Wisdom.

When I detach from the outcome, I get into the flow.

It become effortless and enjoyable.

It seems much easier.

When I look back I am amazed at the words that came out.

Spirit flowed through me.

I was aware of my oneness with God.

And together we spoke and took action.


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Here is how I help my clients:

Imagine what happens when you deepen your relationship with God

-Finally establish a long-term centering prayer practice that has seemed to elude you
Plunge deeper in your existing practice with curiosity and wonder as you explore where it takes you
-What does it mean to let go and let God?
-Discover your true self and take action on this exciting and powerful, new person
-Become more aware of your oneness with God and discover the amazing things that happen when you do
-Begin to do and accomplish things you never thought possible when you blast out of your comfort zone
-Most importantly, we discuss what you want to change in your life! And then take immediate action!

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