I Want to Begin a Centering Prayer Practice

“I want to begin a centering prayer practice.”

That is the first step.

You have a desire to deepen your relationship with God.

You feel like you are merely skimming the surface.

There is a depth to be explored.

What is the next step?

Begin to practice.

Commit to trying centering prayer for 30 days.

Make it the first thing you do to begin your day.

If the idea of sitting in silence for up to 20 minutes seems daunting take baby steps.

Start with 5 minutes.

Do not judge your sits.

Just show up.

If you are faithful to your practice, your practice will be faithful to you.

Centering prayer is a wonderful and powerful marathon with God.

We give God the space and time to heal and transform us.

Need some help getting started, reach out to me.


“God’s presence shines in each of us as the experience of “I am”. God is the very being of our being, therefore, our knowledge of our self is God’s knowledge of itself. Our experience of our self is God’s experience of itself.”

Rupert Spira

Keynote speaker at the upcoming Contemplative Prayer summit.

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