Check out the Contemplative Prayer Summit

I’m happy to share about an exciting 2-day online offering this September, the Contemplative Prayer Summit.

The event is aimed at inviting people to start or deepen a contemplative prayer practice, and more importantly, renew their life in God.

The two days include teachings with 8 contemplative teachers drawing on the wealth of insight from the world’s great contemplative traditions.

Some of the of the topics and presentations cover themes like:

-“This-ness”: The Franciscan spirituality of John Duns Scotus & Ilia Delio

-Be still and know: YOU ARE BELOVED!

-The way of remembrance: Sufi practices to awaken the heart

Contemplative spirituality & activism

-This sacred body: the body’s essential role in contemplative prayer

-And more

Although there is a cost to join, don’t let lack of finances be a barrier! There is a simple process to get a scholarship noted in the FAQ section.

You can learn more by visiting the event page.


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