The Power of Letting Go

The letting go we do in centering prayer follows us outside of centering prayer.

We let go of regret, worry, anxiety.

We learn to forgive ourselves so we can move forward.

Often, we are too hard on ourselves.

When this happens we stop ourselves dead in our tracks.

We stop our forward momentum.

We become stuck in the past.

When we let go, we are better able to live in the present moment.

We hone in and do what the present moment requires of us.

We let go of what we cannot control and focus on what we can control.

We sit with God during our centering prayer sits and then we get up and partner with God as we move through the day.

Centering prayer connects us to our true self: the person God wants us to be and the actions God wants us to take.

Our centering prayer sits continue to remind us who our true self is.

Our centering prayer sits help us let go of who we are not so we can become who we are.

Let go!


I am currently reading Jesus: Mystic, Healer, and Prophet by Bruce Epperly.

Reach out to me if you want to further explore letting go of who you are not and becoming who you are.

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