How to Choose Your Sacred Word

What should my sacred word be during centering prayer?

Let me ask you this question.

Are you an auditory, visual or physical person?


Let me explain.

If you are an auditory person you might want to use a word as your sacred word.

You tell me you are not an auditory person.

You are a visual person.


Then I suggest an interior image as your sacred method.

I realized I am a visual person so I switched from a sacred word to a sacred image.

You tell me you do not want to use a word or an interior image.

How about your breath?

Some people love to use their breath to let go of their engaged thoughts and stay in the present moment with God.

Lastly, I have one more alternative.

You are afraid you will fall asleep.

No worries.

Keep your eyes open and stare at a spot on the ground a few feet out.

There you have it.

Use the sacred method that works best for you.

Let me know how it goes.


I love to read books. I often read two or more at a time. Here are two that I am reading: Jesus: Mystic, Healer, and Prophet by Bruce Epperly and The New Big Book of Christian Mysticism: An Essential Guide to Contemplative Spirituality by Carl McColman.

Check out the Contemplative Prayer Summit. The two days include teachings with 8 contemplative teachers drawing on the wealth of insight from the world’s great contemplative traditions.

Who is your true self? What actions will this person take? Reach out if you want to explore and take action on this person.

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3 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Sacred Word”

  1. I am a Baptist who is yearning for peace and a deeper relationship with God. I am drawn to Buddhist meditation and comtemplative prayer. My peers tell me that these should not be practiced by Christians. What are your thoughts on this?



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