What Are Some Things You Can Do To Release Anxiety?

What are some things you can do to release anxiety?

Let me share what I find helpful.

Verbally give God your anxiety before your centering prayer sits.

Let them go while you rest in God.

Movement helps release anxiety.

I walk when I feel anxiety coming on.

Always helps.

Journal your anxiety.

Get it out of your head and on paper.

Just write whatever comes to mind.

Another journal idea:

Write your name.

Under your name express your anxiety to God.

When done, place the word God on the page.

Then write how you think God will respond to what you have written.

I learned this from a wonderful nun that I had as a spiritual director a few years back.

Thought it was initially crazy.

Did it anyhow and it was powerful.

I shared a bit about this in my book, Sitting with God.

One last thing.

I am a big believer in affirmations.

I will say them aloud.

For example I will recite:

I am ok.

I can handle this.

Within me are the infinite wisdom and infinite resources of God.

This works.

Say it with emotion.

Believe it is true.

I snap out of my pity party.

I hope you found this helpful.

Feel free to share what you do.


Reach out if you want to explore how centering prayer can heal you. Centering prayer is a powerful practice that will help you let go of your daily anxiety and both explore and deepen your relationship with God. God loves us so much more then we realize and does not want us to live anxiety filled lives.

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