Do It First Thing in the Morning

When should you practice centering prayer?

Are you new to centering prayer?

Make it the first thing you do in the morning.

This is a powerful way to begin your day!

Your morning sit prepares you for the upcoming day!

Think of it as you and God sitting together to begin your day.

It is like a reverse prayer.

During your silent sit God prays in you uniquely what you need.

You sit with God and then you walk with God as you move through the day.

You are never alone.

God and you partner as you work on today’s tasks and duties.


Enjoy the talk Brian and I gave at Saturday’s gathering: Reflections on the Experience of Union with God. 

I continue to enjoy Carl McColman’s newest book, The New Big Book of Christian Mysticism. Highly recommend!

How do I deepen my relationship with God? Is there a depth to God that I can explore? How do I become more aware of my oneness with God? What happens when I become more aware of my oneness with God? Reach out to explore one on one coaching with me in these and other areas.

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