What Will You Share With The World?

“Anyone who yearns to live a contemplative life, sooner or later is likely to find God seeking to manifest in them through some form of creative expression.”

Carl McColman

I read this in McColman’s newest book, The New Big Book of Christian Mysticism.

During our quiet times with God, God prays in us.

My quiet time is centering prayer and journaling.

I need this time!

It heals me.

It refreshes me.

It nourishes my soul.

It is my reset and restart button.

It reminds me that God and I are one.

God reminds me we are all in God which means we are all connected.

We all need each other!

It puts me in synch with God.

It is my time to let God pray in me.

What inner nudges has God prayed in me?

What inner nudges has God prayed in you?

-Write a book

-Begin a blog

-Become a speaker


-Support a charity or cause

-Switch jobs

-Change careers

-Take a cooking class

-Take a painting class

-Read a new book on a brand new topic

-Learn how to play a musical instrument


-Join a gym


-Be more playful

-You fill in the ____________.

I encourage you to find the contemplative practice that best resonates with you.

It will change you life!

God will change your life!


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I like to wear this prayer rope during my centering prayer sits. Putting it on my neck is a powerful way to begin my silent sit. I let go and open to the presence and actions of God within. When my sit is over, I remove it and resume my day.

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