Bring Routine to Your Centering Prayer Sits!

It is both fun and powerful to bring routine to your centering prayer sits.

Routine gets you ready for your sit with God.

During centering prayer we let go and open to the presence and actions of God within.

We sit with the unconditional love and compassion of God.

We say here we are God.

I trust that you will heal me.

After reading Astonished By The Word: Reading Scripture for Deep Transformation by Brian D. Russell I recently decided to bring more scripture into my daily routine.

Let me share what it looks like.

I enjoy the daily email meditation by Bishop Robert Barron.

Before I begin my centering prayer sit, I slowly read the daily gospel reflection.

I then click the link to read and soak in the scripture verse associated with this reflection.

Lastly, I enjoy the couple minute video reflection that is displayed at the top of the daily readings page.

I have found this routine is a wonderful way to prepare me to sit with God.

I encourage you to find a routine that prepares you to get ready for your powerful sit with God.

Feel free to share your routine.


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