Life Is An Amazing Journey!

The purpose of centering prayer is not to experience peace, but to clear the unconscious obstacles to the permanent abiding state of union with God.

Thomas Keating 

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We become one with God.

We become more and more aware of our oneness with God.

We become more and more aware of our oneness with others.

We truly listen to others.

We give people the space they deserve.

We do what the present moment requires.

We become more and more aware of our purpose and take action on it.

We move out of our comfort zone.

Our comfort zone expands.

We do and accomplish things we never thought possible.

We trust God and go!

We discover a deep center that grounds us.

We are anchored in the Divine.

It is our rock and foundation.

We become filled with joy and an excitement for life.

We become filled with an inner confidence.

All of our actions spawn from the Divine within.

We let go of who we are not and become who we are.

Life becomes an amazing journey.

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I am currently reading The Wood Between the Worlds: A Poetic Theology of the Cross by Brian Zahnd.

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