The Power of a Decision

There is a single mental move you can make that, in a millisecond, will solve enormous problems for you. It has the potential to improve almost any personal or business situation you will ever encounter . . . and it could literally propel you down the path to incredible success. I’m talking about decision.

Bob Proctor

What decision do you need to make?

More importantly, what action do you need to take?


I think of key decisions I have made in my life.

Here are a few:

Go to college

Accept a job

Get married

Buy a house

Have children

Get my MBA

Move to another state

Update my resume

Update LinkedIn


Resign and join a new company

Publish a book

Write second book

Create web site

Become a coach

Become a speaker

Practice centering prayer (over 10 years now)


Create Affirmations

Practice Gratitude

Practice Visualization

We too often procrastinate. (Me included)

I will begin when the time is right or when I have enough money.

You fill in the _____________.

The best time to begin is now.

Make a decision.

Start now.

Clarity comes with action.

Do one thing each day.

The path will become more clear.

You will begin to create forward momentum.

Amazing things will begin to happen!

Centering prayer has been vital to this process!

Centering prayer continues to be vital to this process!

What decision do you need to make? 


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