What Is The Jesus Paradox?

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Read the Gospels. As Amos Smith refers to it in his book, “Healing the Divide“, watch the Jesus Paradox unfold! Discover for yourself Jesus’ humanity and Divinity in dynamic action.

There are times when we see Jesus’ humanity in action. We see Jesus eat a meal. We see Jesus drink wine at a party. We see Jesus sleep in a boat. We see Jesus angrily flip tables in the temple. We see Jesus weep.

There are also times when we see his Divinity in action. We see Jesus heal. We see Jesus turn water into wine. We see Jesus’ body transfigured before our eyes. We see Jesus rise from the dead.

Just when we see Jesus act like a human we later see his Divinity in action. We cannot separate the two. As Kallistos Ware says, “Jesus Christ is not fifty percent God and fifty percent man, but one hundred percent God and one hundred percent man.”

Centering prayer is an exercise when we let go. We let go of our desire to understand this paradox. We let go of unnecessary debates and arguments over this paradox. We make a decision that to not know is ok. We dive fully into the Jesus Paradox.




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  1. What about this – Jesus was God and man in this way:

    In the English Standard Version of The Bible it states in the initial Book of John: ‘In the beginning was The Word and The Word was with God and The Word Was God.’ Jesus, of course, is The Word. However, as in the same way any son separates from his father at conception, Jesus became a separate entity when He was begotten of the Holy Spirit and Our Lady. From then on, Jesus was and is a separate person and personality now seated on the right hand of the Father in Heaven. Jesus explains this concept further in the first Book of John: ‘I want you to be one with me as I am one with the Father.’ This is what He meant, earlier, when He stated: ‘I and the Father are one’ and which a few passages later He explained, I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.’ He and the Father are one spiritually as He wants us to be one with Him, spiritually. We become one with Him spiritually by inviting into our lives the Christ spirit – the resurrected Jesus – as He had the Spirit of God within in, and then drinking in His words and digesting them. In one sense, we are what we eat; and, in another sense, what we focus on and believe (we also do) and become..

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