Prayer Is Being Touched By God


What is prayer? Here are a few personal reflections in response to this question. It is by no means an all inclusive list. There are no right or wrong answers. Prayer is alive. Prayer is exciting. Prayer is always recreating itself. If someone asks you what is prayer, what will you say? How do you experience prayer?

To pray is to touch God and let God touch us. -Macrina Wiederkehr

Prayer is letting go and saying, “I do not know”. And being ok with it, just letting it be.

Prayer is taking a walk at night, feeling the wind blow on the back of your neck, while listening to the sounds of the night.

Prayer is sitting quietly, leaning in and listening to another tell you his (her) story.

Prayer is sitting with God and emptying me so I can be completely filled with Him (Her).

Prayer is resting in the spaces between my thoughts where it is just God and I.

During centering prayer my job is to DETACH. When I detach, I let more and more of God in.

What is prayer? When we sit together, share a meal, exchange stories, we are in communion with the Divine.

When we look at the sky, stars, mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, we see the Divine.

Prayer is questioning, groaning, wrestling. Prayer is sitting in silence with a God who heals your questions, groans, wrestling.

Prayer is speaking to God, listening to God and resting in God.

Prayer is asking God questions. Prayer is patiently waiting for God to respond to our questions.

Prayer is any action we take to connect with the Divine.

Sometimes silence is the best action.

The summit of Christian prayer is accomplished when you can trust that you are constantly in the presence of God.
– Richard Rohr

5 thoughts on “Prayer Is Being Touched By God”

    1. I have found myself just sitting before God in silence because I didn’t know what to say. I agree with you sometimes “silence is the best option”

    2. These statements are where I am presently at with prayer. Over the last year I have been thinking a lot about prayer. Richard Rohr has had an impact on how I think about prayer. My centering prayer practice has also greatly impacted me too.

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