When Do You Rest In God?

I rest in God during my centering prayer.

There are other times when I rest in God—when I walk at night, feeling the wind blow on the back of my neck while I listen to the sounds of the night.

When I look at the sky, stars, mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, I see the Divine; I rest in the Divine Presence.

When I enjoy life, I rest in God.

I read a powerful book, watch an exciting movie, enjoy a bike ride on a rural path.

These are all times when I rest in God.

Sometimes, I do not realize that I am resting in God.

I am afraid to receive a test result from the doctor.

I am worried about how my child will perform in school.

I am away from home on a trip and miss my wife.

God continues to be with me in my worry, fear, and loneliness; it is I who forget.

I rest in God even during these times.

There is never a time when I do not rest in God.

I am just not always aware of it.

As my centering-prayer journey unfolds I am more and more aware.

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