What is Family?

What is Family?

This is a picture taken at Manhattan Beach, Ca this past December.

I love looking at this picture of my family. I enjoyed just hanging back a bit and watching all four of them do their own thing.

I decided to challenge myself to use but a few words to share a beautiful aspect of each family member’s personality.

Here goes.

Joshua is the little guy with mom. His words are spontaneous humor.

Gabbie is the young lady wetting her feet in the water. Her words are inquisitive and voracious reader.

Ben is the young man. His words are huge heart.

Trina is my wife. Her word is selfless.

What is family? It is each one of us bringing who we are into our relationships and allowing magical and memorable moments to be created before our very eyes. Moments that mere words simply cannot describe.

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  1. I like this of your family and the words you have given to describe each of them. What are your words?

    Even though you are not in the picture I can sense your presence with your family and know about where you were standing observing each of them enjoying the beach alone but together.

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