Silence Teaches with Rich Lewis: The Miracle U Podcast

Enjoy my conversation with Vince on The Miracle U Podcast. We discuss three key points and more. Take a listen!


Do you have dreams and goals but are afraid to show up and take action on them? Have years passed and you continue to look back and are disappointed? Do you want to obtain the freedom to become your true self, the person you are created to be? Let me help! Reach out to me regarding my one-on-one offerings.

Facing Your Shadow: The Shadow is that part of you that remains unknown yet influences every part of your life. However, the Shadow isn’t bad—it’s just hidden. And since it’s hidden, its contents unconsciously affect your mood and behaviors, often wreaking havoc and causing suffering in your life.

When you bring your Shadow into the light, it no longer has that kind of unchecked power over you.


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